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In-house course

with Susana Palma

Here in Spain, Dr Susana Palma has been a pioneer in the technique of orthodontics with clear aligners. She was among the first group of certified doctors who, in 2001, began to study and then to acquire an expertise in the use of aligners. She has helped to form thousand of doctors worldwide.

In 2015 Invisalign bestowed on her the first international award for excellence based on her results in biomechanical management of orthodontic techniques with aligners.

Nowadays she has become one of the most recognised international speakers in terms of Clear Orthodontics.


In our In-house courses, Dr Palma provides direct, face to face learning for every doctor in attendance. Teaching always takes place in small groups and is focused on a personalised approach for each doctor.

You will learn not just about biomechanic protocols, enabling you to cope with the most complex cases, but also how to internalise the most appropriate planning process. Flowing from this you will gain an understanding of the most effective way of communicating with the technicians.

Most importantly, you will learn how to reproduce the excellent results shown by Dr Palma in her patients’ outcomes.

Three ways to grow up with Invisalign

We offer three different programmes attending to your needs

In-House Course

Biomechanics I

  • Biomechanics with microscrews and multidisciplinary cases.
  • 1 day.

Oriented to the management of complex cases with aligners and microscrews, including multidisciplinary cases, taking strict control of anchorage to achieve exceptional results.

In-House Course

Biomechanics II

  • Biomecánica compleja de pacientes adultos con alineadores.
  • 2 days.

During this two day course we will explore all the biomechanic tips in the management of aligners. By the end of the two days you will have acquired a knowledge of, and learned the protocols to treat, every type of malocclusion, with and without auxiliary techniques. In doing so you will obtain the confidence needed to solve any case you estanciaave to face successfully, despite its complexity.

In-House Course

Pacientes en crecimiento

  • Pacientes en crecimiento: FIrst, teen y MA
  • 1 day.

In this course we focus on the management of different stages of growth in growing patients with the aligners technique. For those doctors who want to increase the number of their own growing patients, they will see in real time, the way in which a child specific clinic works; importantly looking at interactions with other areas like paediatric dentistry, speech therapy and paediatrics in general.

Doctors attending this course will become familiar with, and manage the peculiarities of growing patients, enhancing the development of their own practices with this type of patient.


New open dates

12 may

  • Pacientes en crecimiento
  • En español

16 june

  • Biomecánica con microtornillos y pacientes multidisciplinares
  • En español

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