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Two days to feel confident with Invisalign Technique

In-House Course

With DR. Susana Palma

Theory and first-handed practice

Learn biomechanic and auxiliary techniques for complex cases and get a first-handed practice with real cases.

About our space

1000m with our own lecture room, and the ortho department has five dental chairs to observe the theory in practice with patients.

More than 40 proffesionals

Our team, after all these years, know much about Invisalign, in a multicisciplinary clinic plenty of experience.

Our experience

More than 1300 patients treated with Invisalign. Complex cases and any kind of maloclussion. Let us show you how we work.

23 – 24 September



An strict protocol to treat any of your patients will help you to have everything under control. We want to share ideas.


Our team auxiliary know much aboug auxiliary techniques and how to use them in complex cases with Invisalign.


From here to there, from the begining to the end, our workflow is efficient to save time in your chairs.

sobremordida en adultos

Complex Cases

Susana Palma and her team of doctors are able to solve the most complex cases, and you can do it too. No fear!

Theory in the morning, practice in the afternoon. Lunch included.

About Susana

Dr Palma has achieved two international awards in recognition of her work in solving complex cases of orthodontics with Invisalign:

– She is also recognised for her outstanding knowledge of biomechanics.

– She is a renowned international speaker for Align Technology since 2016.

– She has also held the Invisalign Diamond II Provider badge since 2015.

– We are a team of 40 professionals specialised in Orthodontics with aligners.

– She was among the first promotion in Spain with Invisalign technique in 2001 and has since pioneered the aligners technique in her teaching at the University of Salamanca.

– We are leaders In Invisalign submission in our region (Castilla-La Mancha)

23- 24 September


Any Questions? Phone on  +34 610 131 988 or email me

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